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Introducing HYFN8TM: HYFN Launches Innovative Social Media Management...

 Unlike other low cost SEO services from marketers that have a tendency to huddle around a single keyword victory, this visibility and rank checker gives the entrepreneur a credible view of their current progress. Although this has the possibility to create unrealistic expectations in their affordable search engine optimization packages, the firm is not worried about potential overreach by eager entrepreneurs. While the ability to check stats on a daily basis may be too much for the more obsessive-compulsive set of business minds, most clients will view it upon delivery of their weekly reports as a means to justify or grow their promotional budget. What is the current production schedule and roll out? While the prototype of RazorStats? is still being tested, i4 Solutions claims that it should be available to current clients of their web marketing company in a matter of weeks. However, the tool will not be exclusive to those engaged in affordable search engine optimization efforts; it will be available to all types of audiences. Although the main goal of the new utility is to show what little impact can be derived from low cost SEO services, it has many other uses. When i4 Solutions completes the public launch, they will be targeting everyone from executives to academics, who simply wish to learn what is working on their website.
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Rudimentary Criteria Of Websites - The Facts


Thinking About Effective Web Hosting Solutions

    The tool is easy to use even for beginners and non-technical people. The tool allows users to choose from dozens of thematic templates, such as templates for restaurants, events and professional services. These templates are easily customizable. Customers could also choose a blank page and start from there! "I think it is time that people and businesses have their own mobile Web site and we give you the tools to build it," O'Connor adds. The HTML5 Mobile Web Builder allows users to add navigation options to their site, such as a list, a drop down box, or top and bottom menus. On top of that, users could easily drag and drop elements to add: The company's logo Choice of navigation types Large selection of icons Further, it can give users truly mobile-optimized Web pages. "You could be on an iPhone, a Blackberry smartphone, an Android tablet, or your desktop computer, and your site would look perfect," Vesko Kenashkov, AzonMobile's Chief Technology Officer, says. About AzonMobile Headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, and with partners and representatives in the United Kingdom and Brazil, AzonMobile is a premier mobile solutions company that helps companies come up with successful self-managed mobile campaigns.
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AzonMobile Launches Full Mobile Platform that Brings Together QR Code...


 As a result, marketers will be able to better monetize their social media campaigns.? HYFN8 allows brands to manage their entire social presence in one consolidated dashboard, giving them the intelligence to turn every social interaction into an on-the-spot engagement opportunity. Through proprietary technology, HYFN8 provides custom social listening and profile management streams, post scheduling tools, a robust web-based social media and web application builder, and deep analytics to allow for superior engagement and monetization. The more a marketer uses the system, the smarter it becomes leveraging custom algorithms that hyper-target users based on when and with whom they are most likely to engage. For example, HYFN8 is fully integrated with Facebook?s Advertising API and taps into public content discussions through its real-time listening capability. The HYFN8 platform marries collected data with Facebook?s Ad API, enabling it to recommend peak days and times that posts will be most effective for driving revenue opportunities. HYFN is a member of Facebook?s Preferred Marketing Developer program, which recognizes developers who have built value-added products in one or more of four qualification areas -- Pages, Ads, Apps and Insights. HYFN is one of a limited number of companies worldwide that have been awarded all four badges.
original Introducing HYFN8TM: HYFN Launches Innovative Social Media Management... http://www.prweb.com/releases/HYFN/HYFN8Launch/prweb11052581.htm

Professional Website Design, Revolutionized; Webydo Gives Designers a...

 ?This is a true revolution in professional website creation?, says Webydo?s CEO & Co-Founder, Shmulik Grizim. ?For the first time, designers have complete control over the entire website design process and they can build their own independent web design business without hiring developers or manually writing code, focusing on the creative side only. Following our designers requests, we?re now adding a highly secure and efficient automatic payment system to the Webydo Dashboard. Webydo now takes care of all the technical and financial sides of running a successful web design business, enabling designers to create websites that can cost their clients up to $10,000 in a process that is ten times faster and cheaper.? Webydo?s sophisticated online software lets designers create multiple websites with custom tailored designs from scratch, without writing one line of code. Webydo includes all the familiar tools that graphic designers use in softwares such as Adobe's Photoshop or Indesign. However with Webydo, designers can edit in browser, see their interactive design in action immediately and create a professional website with built in CMS. Webydo is now releasing the business solution for designers, helping them build a powerful web design business. Webydo?s new ?Bill Your Client? system allows designers to bill their client for each project or service directly from the Webydo Dashboard. Webydo?s new ?Build Your Brand? feature, allows designers to rebrand the whole Webydo system putting designers brand identity front and center.
original Professional Website Design, Revolutionized; Webydo Gives Designers a... http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/8/prweb11027111.htm

Strategies for Selling Social Media: Shweiki Media Printing Company...

 Put PRWeb on your site Strategies for Selling Social Media: Shweiki Media Printing Company Presents a Webinar on How to Make a Profit With Social Platforms Facebook and Twitter aren't there purely for social reasons, and when businesses play their cards right, they can actually sell social media and make a profit with social platforms. Here Shweiki Media teams up with Ryan Dohrn--the expert Internet consultant behind Brain Swell Media and 360 Ad Sales--to present a free webinar on strategies for selling social media. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter aren't there simply for entertainment. When done right, a company can use social media sales to make their platforms profitable as well. It's important to note that [social media] pages aren't just an extension of the company that's there purely because "everybody's doing it"; social media pages can be used as a marketing tool and a way to make a profit as well. Austin, TX (PRWEB) August 22, 2013 Due to the constant hype, social media marketing is something that most business owners know all too well, whether they?re working their social platforms as an extra limb of the business and relying on the extra customer connection to improve the process or they?re less enthusiastic and see it as a fruitless task costing them time and opportunities. However, it?s important to note that these pages aren?t just an extra extension of the company that are there purely because ?everybody's doing it?; social media pages can be used as a marketing tool and a way to make a profit as well. Here Shweiki Media teams up with Ryan Dohrn?the expert Internet marketer behind Brain Swell Media and 360 Ad Sales , who has coached over 3,000 business founders?to present a free webinar explaining ins, outs, tips and tricks of selling social media. Finding Content Balance The first thing to keep in mind is finding a balance between pushing content and engaging with the customer.
original Strategies for Selling Social Media: Shweiki Media Printing Company... http://www.prweb.com/releases/Shweiki-Media-Printing-Co/Selling-Social-Media-Tips/prweb9823449.htm

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